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youtube one channelAs expected, Youtube grew tremendously this year and continued to expand its reach through Youtube One Channel. Before, people can only watch videos on Youtube through desktops and laptops. Then, the mobile industry also came and everyone can now come to Youtube through smartphones and tablets. We thought that was it but even internet TV and Xbox can now connect to Youtube. Knowing this, we Youtubers now have to consider viewers from different kind of media.

I kinda discovered this a bit when I found out that there’s a new Youtube channel design last month or so. I even redesigned one of my Youtube channels and was so happy I’m one of the only few who did that so far. However, when I watched a webcast about this new media reach, I realized that I only saw the surface of the various things Youtube can now offer.

Anyway, here’s now how my Youtube Channel looks like after updating it to Youtube One Channel new design.

My Youtube One Channel Look

Youtube One Channel Features

Icon and Art (like a timeline cover and profile photo in Facebook)

Are you still making backgrounds for your Youtube channels? I guess you don’t have to do that anymore. What you need this time is a timeline cover representing your brand or something. In creating one, you have to target the 3 main media, which are desktop, mobile, and TV. Here’s a template made by EliasNMart18 at deviantart.com.

youtube one channel template


You can now add a trailer in your channel (like what you see in the beginning of movies such as Warner Bros, Walt Disney, etc.). You can just use any video from your channel for this but it is better for you to use this feature to showcase your brand. If you do video marketing like me, you can add your video bumper or opening billboard (or whatever you may want to call it) then tell your viewers what your channel is all about. Aside from making your channel look more professional, you can also use it to market your business. You add some call-to-actions there by asking people to subscribe to your channel, watch your awesome videos, check out your website, contact you, etc. (Look who’s talking, I haven’t done those things yet myself :)… but… Anyway you can really see lots of opportunities there).


Uploads, playlists, and others are now arranged into sections below your trailer. Simply add the sections you want and arrange them according to your preferences. As for me, the default is fine so I just go with it.

How Youtube One Channel Affects Youtube Video Creation And Approach

Before, we only look into desktop users as consumers of our Youtube videos. Thus, we often just say, “click the link in the description below,” “give me a thumbs up,” “subscribe to our channel” to our viewers. However, we have to understand that some people might not be watching your video in their desktop. If someone is watching through TV, telling him or her to “click the link below” will just make you like an idiot since that person cannot see any link below his or her TV. The same is true with those who are watching through their mobile devices.

So what will we do now? Well, we can still continue what we have been doing but we have to broaden our media reach. While talking in the video for example, we can say…

“If you’re watching this video from your desktop, click this link (with an annotation going to your site) or the link in the description below. If you’re watching this on TV or in your tablet or smartphone, just take note of our website (while showing your website address) that you can see in the screen, or contact us through (your email address) or call us at (your phone number)…”

Well, that might not be the best script that you can follow but you get the idea. Just make sure all viewers are covered when you ask them to do something.

Our Future Video Marketing Product

Alright, let me now tell you what we have been cooking lately. I’m now in the state of bursting out a lot of ideas for our very first video marketing product. While I want to make it big by creating a massive training about almost everything in video marketing, I realized I have to start small first. My plan is to sell some video bumpers (including call-to action buttons, lower thirds, corporate titles, etc.) that go with the latest changes in Youtube. I’ll also include training videos on how to use these things. Moreover, I’ll incorporate some video training on the new Youtube channel design, video creation for Youtube marketing purposes, Youtube SEO, and others, let’s see.

Some exciting things are coming and we got some freebies too! If you do affiliate marketing, we might need you as well so stay tuned. For now, we are still preparing our emails, training videos, video graphics, and a lot of other things. We might change this website’s theme as well to make it look more professional.

So that’s all for now. Just read some of our interesting articles if you want, while waiting for our exciting product. Talk to you soon.

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Cham is a video editor and internet marketer. He uses the power of video marketing to grow his online business.

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Cham is a video editor and internet marketer. He uses the power of video marketing to grow his online business.

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